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Delivering polymer expertise and technical support to molders, empowering our customers to capitalize on high-value applications.

Unmatched Expertise

Meet The NexKemia Specialty Product Line

NexKemia stands out in the market because of our multifaceted product line. We prioritize client success by not just delivering a unique variety of custom expandable polystyrene resins (EPS), but by establishing long-term partnerships.

White Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) resins, produced through advanced polymerization techniques, providing a spectrum of solutions for diverse applications. Available in regular and modify grades.

Creating a circular economy in North America by producing resins that incorporates North America’s EPS/GPS waste. NexEco is NexKemia’s family of products that combines both NexKem Eco and NexTherm Eco made with 30% recycled EPS/GPS content. Available in both white (EPS) and gray (GPS).

Gray Expandable Polystyrene (GPS) resins enhance with graphite, offering an increased R-Value of up to 20% in comparison to traditional white EPS. Available in regular an modify grades.

Why choose NexKemia?

Sustainability is NexKemia’s Focus.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) significantly contributes to sustainability through its environmental benefits and efficiency in reducing assembly and distribution costs. Its use in packaging minimizes product damage, leading to fewer resources spent on remanufacturing and disposal. NexKemia is investing heavily in research and development to innovate and lessen EPS’s carbon footprint, underscoring a deep commitment to environmental improvement.

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