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An Innovator In EPS Bead Manufacturing


As an innovator in EPS bead manufacturing, we are excited to introduce this new remote customer support technology. NexTek helps to answer one of the challenges that COVID-19 poses for product development, our customers and the continuing evolution of superior tech support The NexTek dual camera system is designed to work closely alongside the customer’s operation, providing a superior technical support experience– almost like having a technician onsite with the customer’s operational personnel. Designed and developed to work with any preexpander and molding machine, this turnkey non-intrusive virtual system helps to fill the void that would normally require planned in-person customer visits. After months of equipment verification and numerous field trials, NexKemia is proud to offer NexTek: a unique remote customer and product support system.

  • The NexTek virtual tech support system is available for all customers or prospective
    customers that wish to trial any NexKemia product(s)
  • Set up is simple. NexKemia Tech personnel will guide you through the set up step-bystep
  • Set up is quick. It usually takes just a few minutes
  • Set up is unobtrusive. The whole system fits into a single briefcase
  • While the system provides advanced technology and comes at considerable expense,
    there is no charge to the customer
  • NexTek is available and supplied free to the customer for the duration of the product
    field trial
  • At the completion of the trial simply pack up the system (packaging supplied) and
    return it to us. NexKemia will cover these shipping expenses too, of course


For the NexKemia Tech and Sales groups, NexTek is a fantastic tool and a welcomed source of support
for our customers and for our products…NexKemia’s leadership team agrees. Here are their positive
remarks and observations about NexTek and how this sytsem complements NexKemia’s mission during these challenging times:

  • “Customer support is the hallmark of the NexKemia brand. When the effects of COVID-
    19 started impacting our customers and our teams’ ability to support them, our
    internal team jumped into action by developing a novel, contactless approach that we
    believe will reshape the customer experience,” — Pierre Beaudry, General Manager of
  • “I’m excited that the NexTek system will enhance NexKemia’s exemplary customer
    service model and allow customers to optimize their operations and quickly develop
    new applications with one of NexKemia’s 20 unique EPS products. The COVID 19
    Pandemic raised the bar for technical service and the NexTek System is certainly in
    keeping with an ‘easy to work with approach’ our customers have grown to expect
    from us. I’m extremely proud that the NexKemia team responded by developing a
    safe technical support platform tailored to the needs of the molder. The rave reviews
    from early customer feedback confirmed the value of NexKemia’s remote technical
    support for these challenging times.” — Maurice Barakat, CEO

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