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NexTherm (GPS)

NexTherm’ s lineup of Graphite Expandable Polystyrene (GPS) resins by NexKemia marks a notable progression in insulation technology. By integrating specially selected graphite into their formulation, these products offer an enhanced R-Value, showing an increase of up to 20% when compared to traditional white Expandable Polystyrene (EPS).

Utilizing cutting-edge extrusion processes, NexKemia has engineered two distinct series: the RT series (regular grades) and the MT series (modified grades), both offering improved insulating properties. These innovative products responds to a broad spectrum of uses, including construction and packaging, ensuring they meet diverse industry requirements while maintaining high performance and adherence to regulatory standards.

Modified Grades (MT series)

The NexTherm MT series proudly meet stringent safety and quality standards, adhering to key industry certifications and regulations. In the United States, all products within this series comply with the ASTM E84/UL723 standard, which assesses the surface burning characteristics of building materials, and ASTM C578, specifying the physical properties of cellular polystyrene thermal insulation. Similarly, in Canada, these products meet the CAN/ULC S102.2 standard for surface burning characteristics and the CAN/ULC S701 standard for thermal insulation. The MT series makes an exceptional choice for those seeking superior insulation performance and code compliance.

Regular Grades (RT series)

The Nextherm RT series is recognized by its regular grade resin, enhanced with graphite content, which significantly improves its insulation capabilities. This series is particularly well-suited for applications that require a non-fire-retardant resin, offering a versatile solution for various insulation needs. Each product within the series is subject to rigorous quality assurance processes, ensuring reliable performance and consistency. The commitment to quality and functionality makes the Nextherm RT series a dependable choice for your application.


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